Travel Insurance - What You Need To Know Before You Go!

Posted by Cathy Taylor on 3 March 2020 | Comments

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Travel insurance seems like such a gamble sometimes. If you’re travelling on a budget, the cost of travel insurance can feel like a burden. But if something happens to you or your stuff in our great Kiwi outdoors, you want to make sure you can recover quickly and get back to enjoying your hard-earned holiday time!

We recommend you get travel insurance for your North Island hiking tour with Walking Legends.

 On the Great Barrier Island Escape tour, our preferred flight service provider is Barrier Air. Barrier Air is a small regional airline, so they don't offer insurance as part of their tickets like AirNZ does. Having your own insurance is a good idea to cover things like postponed or cancelled flights to or from the island and any extra accommodation, food or rental vehicles required while you wait for replacement flights. Having said that, we've never had anyone stuck on the island due to cancelled flights, touch wood!

 We recommend you don't bring laptops, iPads or Kindles etc. On our lodge-based tours, they will be quite safe while they're at the lodge, but on the way to the lodge on Day 1, and on the way home on the last day, we often park up at trail carparks and your gear is left in our van - which some companies won't insure because our vans obviously don't have lockable boot compartments! Seems crazy, but hey if I sold insurance I'd probably say that too. If you need to have your laptop with you for work etc, then bring it along, but just be prepared to pop it into your day pack while you're hiking on Day 1 as that's the safest way.

 On our hut-to-hut based tours you probably won’t want to bring devices anyway, because not only will there be a blissful absence of strong Wi-Fi, but their weight might mean a few extra blisters for you, and no one loves a blister!

If any of your property is lost or stolen while on the tour with us we'll do our best to get you to the nearest police station as soon as we can so you can file a police report. Walking Legends won't be able to compensate you for any loss, so please check our booking terms & conditions carefully. We will support you with providing copies of relevant paperwork you might need for your insurance claim or administrative tasks associated with rearranging any post-walk accommodation or flight bookings we may have made on your behalf. 

 If you’re looking for a travel insurance provider while you’re on your North Island guided hiking tour with Walking Legends, take a look at World Nomad’s. They provide helpful online quotes. Check the fine print of your policy carefully so you can get busy with enjoying every moment of your hard-earned New Zealand hiking tour!

COVID-19 Update: 

At the time of writing, not many insurance companies provide travel insurance cover for pandemics. We certainly hope that future travel insurance policies will make some provision for pandemics. Until then, read your policies carefully and let us know if you find a really good one and we'll make sure people know about it! 

I came across this today (27th July 2020) - Emirates Airlines is offering a COVID-19 travel insurance guarantee until 31st October 2020. They'll contribute $174 NZD per day for anyone heading into a 14 day quarantine period. 


We've adapted our Booking Terms & Conditions in response to COVID-19 to give you more surety when booking your hiking tours with us. Your $300 NZD deposit is now fully refundable up until 30 days before departure. It used to be 60 days, but that just doesn't seem practical anymore. At the 30 days before departure threshold we send our rooming list on to our lodges and we're then governed by their cancellation policy which incurs fees and needs to be covered by your deposits. 


Any deposit you put towards your hiking tour will be fully transferable to a future date of your choosing with no penalties, provided you choose your new date up to 30 days before your original scheduled departure. We're happy to transfer you forward to future hiking seasons quite easily as well! 

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please do just reach out and ask us via email or give us a call!  

NZ Freephone 0800 925 569 (WALK NZ)

AUS Freephone 1 800 646 584

Or send Cathy an email -

You can also message us via our Facebook page. (We're getting better at replying instantly, but sometimes we need sleep!)